Our goal is to overcome limitations of human thinking, solution of challenges and radical improvement of life quality by creation of a strong artificial intelligence.

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It is important.

Human mentality essentially surpasses its biological needs, but possibilities of human mind are not boundless. First of all, limitation of intellectual possibilities is fully experienced by scientists. And although this limitation is less appreciable, it is very critical for the life of the whole human society. It concerns all problems of people – from traffic jams to economic crises and wars. In this connection we find particular interest in development of strong artificial intelligence technologies. Research in this field could not only can eventually lead to superhuman intelligence, not burdened by evolutionary ballast, but could also help us better understand our own thinking and to solve difficult scientific, technical, social and economic problems.

Your help.

Now your help and support is necessary for our project. If you really are excited with idea of creation of strong artificial intelligence if you consider this goal noble and want to change life of people to the best, please contact us, we are always glad to get acquainted with you!

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